One Week Away: Falling Up Begins August 3rd!

Starting next Sunday at 10 AM, the first installment of Falling Up will be made available for your enjoyment!

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #48

Write a short story using the title, “The Ladder at the Edge of the World”, (or “Fire Escape”).

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Looky At What I Found!

Found a sketchbookfishing boat today, buried in the bottom of a box that I don’t think I have opened since I moved out of my parents house.  Thirteen years ago.  And look what was in it.  Pretty sketch, eh?

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That’s One Sorry Kitten


I’m telling ysorry kittyou, this kitten is not worth five cents. This is Diego. Cendril and Leucian have gotten smart; they sleep in places that kids have no chance of ever reaching. (Top of my chest of drawers, top of bookcases, at the very back edge of the bed/wall under my bed—anywhere high or untouchable.) Diego is more like “man, whatever” and just flops where he’s comfortable. Usually, it’s the middle of my bed. Fortunately, it has not been my pillow, so I am not worrying about allergy attacks yet. But he did find my yarn box, and I had to relocate that so I would not be picking cat hairs out for all eternity.


The boys have hit a growth spurt, so they are both real thin and lanky at the moment. Cendril is still on the pudgy kitten side, but she should be hitting a growth spurt in about a month or so. Then we have to get things set up for vaccinations, spaying, and neutering.


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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #47

Today’s Horoscope: Company from out of town could mean trouble.

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A Leaf from my Notebook: “Beyond Tomorrow”

I wrote this one in my junior year of college as well, and I think I actually wrote it as an opening verse for a book, but I can’t find the notes for the book anywhere, so I have no idea.


Unknown future we behold
Beyond tomorrow
Life or death; no one knows
Our future is so unclear
Beyond tomorrow

Friendship for us today
Beyond tomorrow
Who’s to say not love?
In life there is no certainty
Beyond tomorrow.

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #46

Dialogue: “You embarrassed me this evening.”

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