Book Review: Outcome by Edward W. Robertson

Outcome (Breakers, #0.5)Outcome by Edward W. Robertson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so into reading this book that I was seriously upset when it ended up just being a short story. I wanted more. This was sad, though. The main character, Ellie, did so much to save Chip and his daughter. Chip, the man she obviously loved even though they could not get a long.

It was very well-written and an engrossing story. I felt like I was in the moment, hearing the people cough and watching them stagger in the streets. It was very real as I read it.

Excellent read, and I would recommend it to anyone who love apocalyptic-type stories.

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Prompt #166

“In the end, it didn’t matter…”

A Leaf from my Sketchbook: Earth Dragonstone

This is my current art project of the week. Yep, it’s another dragonstone. This is the Earth stone. I’m still not entirely thrilled with this one, but it is the best one I have made so far. What do you think?



Prompt #165

“It had to be done…”

Weekly Projects: Novel Rewrites and “The Wickerman”

With the publication of my short story, “The Music Box,” last week, I began this week starting a new short story, “The Wickerman,” and beginning the first major edit and revision of my first Dragonstone novel, To Tame the Beast from The Fire Child Collection.

The initial rough of To Tame the Beast is the first full thing I wrote from scratch when I started back writing last May. I gave it a while to rest so I could fill in the massive amount of plot holes that I left in my wake as I spewed words onto the page. Hopefully, it will look more like a novel by the end of December. I’m still looking for dedicated guinea pigs—ahem—readers to go through my next draft to point out issues that I may have missed.

As for “The Wickerman,” I’m hoping to have that one ready to publish by the 15th of December. Not a very Christmas-y story, but yeh, I go where the muse takes me.


Prompt #164

“The birds swooped low…”

Why I am Not NaNo-ing

I’ve had several people ask my why I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year. Honestly, I love the pressure and the deadline part of it, but this year, with everything that will be going on this month just between holidays and my kids, I said “Meh, that book will get written either way—why add more stress to this month?”

I am already looking forward to jumping in on the ride next year, but there is just too much happening this year during this month for me to properly give NaNo the attention it is due.

So, next year, peeps. This year, though, you’ll have to settle for my ramblings and excerpts.