Writer’s Worksheets: Vehicle Creation Sheet

The last worksheet. I use this one mostly for futuristic worlds or science fiction worlds where a Ford or a Chevy just won’t work. I’ve honestly just started using this one because my science fiction has been few and far between for a long time.

I hope all the writing worksheets are helpful to all my fellow writers!

Vehicle Creation Sheet

Name of Vehicle:
Type (car, boat, plane, etc.)
Description of Vehicle Design:
Maximum Speed:
Type of Fuel Used:
Owner or Allowable User(s):
Created by (who and when?)
History (discuss why it was created or anything interesting about this vehicle’s history):
Magical Properties or Built-In Weapons (if any):
Weaknesses of Vehicle:
Draw a picture of your vehicle here or on the back.

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #80

‘Shh! Hear that?’ ‘I didn’t hear anything.’

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A Leaf from my Sketchbook: Gryphon Sketch

griffonAnother sketch from the sketchbook I found recently. There are a lot of pictures in there, but most of them are either eye and hand studies or really weird stuff that would make everyone unfollow me and runaway. So, I’ll stick to the few that I’ll be posting here. This gryphon is not really done, but I apparently reached my limit on it back then and declared it done.

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #79

Write a story/poem about the feelings/images this induces: Red eyes.

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Book Review: Darker Things by Rob Cornell

Darker Things (The Lockman Chronicles, #1)Darker Things by Rob Cornell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Craig Lockman opens the door to come face to face with a daughter he did not even known he had, let’s just say his whole world turns upside-down. And not just because he suddenly realizes he has a daughter. That would do it for most people, but for Craig Lockman, within those few minutes of his daughter showing up, his protective identity is destroyed, he and his daughter are attacked by vampires sent by the man Lockman has been hiding from, and things just keep getting weirder.

Within the first few chapters of this novel, the main characters are attacked by vampires, shapeshifters, and a ghost. Before the end of the novel, we’ve also seen imps, werewolves, and serious magic.

This novel is probably one of the better fantasy/paranormal/supernatural novels I have seen written in a long time. The author did not just pull the usual collection of creatures into the mix; he dug deeper and found magical creatures and demons that most writers overlook.

And the characters and story line were just amazing. Every once in a while there would be a little twist and turn and it just made it so much better.

I would definitely recommend this novel to others to read. I want more!

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #78

“This time her boss had gone too far.”

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A Leaf from my Notebook: “Nature’s Symphony”

Another Poetry class throwback. This is probably one of my favorite ones that I have written.


Thunder rumbles
Rain soothes, pattering
Pizzicato strings.
Mighty maestro writers
Nature’s hushed symphony.

Summer storm approaches
Lightning streaked skies.
I am snuggled
Close to Dad, hearing
Summer’s peaceful lullabies.

Front-porch swing
Muddy late-night air,
Back and forth
We swing, my dad and I
Watching without a care.

Closing eyes,
I must not sleep
Or else, we’ll go inside.
Away from the comforting syncopation
Of nature’s soulful cry.

Tin roof cover
Rain is drumming
Quiet sleep is coming.
Dad, he smiles down at me
Noddingo ff to the storm’s humming.

Thunder rumbles
Rain soothes, pattering
Pizzicato strings.
Mighty Maestro writes
Nature’s hushed symphony.

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