A Leaf from my Notebook: “Beyond Tomorrow”

I wrote this one in my junior year of college as well, and I think I actually wrote it as an opening verse for a book, but I can’t find the notes for the book anywhere, so I have no idea.


Unknown future we behold
Beyond tomorrow
Life or death; no one knows
Our future is so unclear
Beyond tomorrow

Friendship for us today
Beyond tomorrow
Who’s to say not love?
In life there is no certainty
Beyond tomorrow.

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #46

Dialogue: “You embarrassed me this evening.”

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Writer’s Worksheets: Building Creation Sheet

This is the creation sheet I use when I have a character who will be staying in the same town long enough for the reader to really see the town. When I need to remember the details, this is where I turn.

Once again, I’ve had this since college, so I’m not entirely sure where I got it.

Building Creation Sheet


Type of Structure (office, store, fort, school, etc):

Name of Building (if any):

Currently Used For:

Location of Building:

Description of Outer Surroundings (details about land around buildings):

Description of Exterior of the Structure (size, color, condition, construction materials – stone, brick, wood, mortar, etc):

Interior (list number and size of rooms):

Total Number of Rooms:

Common Areas (waiting rooms, reception areas, dining areas, etc):





Attics and Secret Rooms:

Utility Rooms (laundry, storage, workshops, etc):

Entertaining Areas (stages, ballrooms, recreation rooms):

Work Areas (classrooms, operating rooms, accounting rooms, etc):

Luxury Areas (pools, decks, gardens, etc):


Interior Details:

Design (modern, art deco, antique, rugged, primitive, etc):




Walls (including pictures):

Lighting (lamps, sconces, chandeliers, etc):

Energy (what does it feel like to be in this building? Happy and peaceful? Dark and depressing?):


Draw your building from two perspectives: interior and exterior views

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #45

Take the inverse of “regression”, or past lives, and write a story about “progression”, or future lives.

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Book Review: The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack

The Ghost and the Graveyard (Knight Games, #1)The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was under the Paranormal/Adventure section on Amazon.com’s Free Kindle so I was expecting, well, a paranormal adventure. This book definitely needed to be in the Paranormal Romance or Paranormal Erotica section.

Once she meets her two guys to create her love triangle, there is a sex scene about every 10 pages or so (on an Iphone Reader–probably less with a kindle reader). And they were not tasteful sex scenes. They were dirty “I watched and described a porn video to write this” scenes. And seriously, she has sex with a ghost. This book just reminded me so much of movie on Cinimax (Skinimax) where they have like a million sex scenes because they know the plot they wrote can’t make it without it.

If you were able to look past the sex scenes, there is a really good story here. One that could have been told with maybe one or two tasteful sex scenes and still brought itself to a good ending, if a bit more effort was put into making her characters more realistic and her scenes stronger.

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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #44

“There was nothing left of the money except …”

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Book Review: Come Find Me by Travis Neighbor Ward

Come Find MeCome Find Me by Travis Neighbor Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This review is really hard for me to write. I made it through the book. It took me a lot longer than a usual book would take me, but I finished it and I loved the story.

The premise of the storyline and the build-up of the plot were wonderful. I was there in those scenes. I could see it all, feel it all–feel the heartbreak and the love.

What I had the most trouble with was the exposition. I could tell that Mr. Ward was trying to set the scene and make it as authentic as possible, but it could have been handled a lot better. There were many blurbs of exposition where it felt like I was sitting on a park bench by the city limits sign with a “All about Dahlonega” tour guide book. The background history and setting-building paragraphs were just dry.

If you can force yourself through those, or overlook them entirely, you will find the main storyline is a beautiful story.

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