Book Review: Call to Arms by Elle Casey

Call to Arms (War of the Fae, #2)Call to Arms by Elle Casey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the most amazing young adult series that I have had the opportunity to read in a long time. From the moment I opened the first book, I was hooked, and I blew through this book in a day just like the first.

It was amazing. All the characters are so different, but so original, that I found myself wanting to know everything about what was happening with them. And the author did such an amazing job creating the Green Forest that I was able to forget that this forest was supposedly hidden in the Ardennes because it completely ripped me out of reality and stuck me in this fantasy world.

It is definitely a must-read for young adults and teenagers as it is enjoyable and deals with a lot of issues that even normal teenagers deal with, even if the characters are dealing with them in a magical world.

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Prompt #194

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A carrot, a credit card, a roll of duct tape, a toy robot


Prompt #193

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A can of chili, an hourglass, a ball of yarn

A Leaf from my Sketchbook: Brimstone Dragonstone

I have been fiddling with this one for weeks now. I need it to be different from the rest of the dragonstones, but nothing I seem to do looks like I want it. What do you think?



Prompt #192

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A marble, a spool of string, a magnet

Weekly Projects: Rewriting To Tame the Beast and Editing “Truth or Dare”

To Tame the Beast has come to a complete standstill. I’m not sure if it is the character that is killing it (Jonas just really isn’t coming together for me in his scenes), or if it’s the craziness of the season making me unable to focus, but I can’t seem to plug out more than 500 or so words on it a day, if I’m even lucky to get that. Most of the scenes for Leif, Ean, and Relanka are written. I had a few that I haven’t done, but they are written in my head, so they’ll be quick to type up.

But the scenes where Jonas is the POV—they just aren’t coming together. Maybe I’m not sadistic enough to get in his head. Or maybe, because his POV is so new to me, I just don’t know him that well. But his scenes are the only thing really holding me back from having the rewrite of this novel done. I still have two more weeks to work on it, so I’ll get them done.

“The Wickerman” was published on Monday, so I am working on the edits of “Truth or Dare” now. That story will be published on January 15th. I’m finding that I’m having some of my shorter edits done a lot sooner than I had originally planned, so I could technically publish more of them a month, but I”m going to hold to my proposed schedule for 2015, then pick up the work load in 2016.

Other than that, I’m still outlining the twelve novels for 2015’s NaNoWriYear that I am doing. January’s novel (tentatively titled Expedition) is ready to go, for the most part. I should probably type the outline into Scrivener so I don’t have to look between the paper and the screen, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ve almost finished outlining February (with a working title of Refugees Book 1 – original, I know). March and April will go by quickly because they are the story of Relanka’s brother, Eadric, and his best friend, Seya. Those two books are already partially outlined from previous workings, so I can change what I need and keep moving.


Prompt #191

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A squirt gun, a pair of rubber gloves, an empty jar